becky padilla

I’ve been described as a…

Possessing a vivid imagination with a knack for unconventional creative expression.

I’m evidently a right-brainer.

Looking back, I’ve been fascinated with creating something original. I’m energized by the process of discovery through experimentation. Witnessing the transformation of an idea into a novel creation is why I do creative work.

My trajectory into the professional creative fields was anything but direct. Initially, my love of the natural world influenced my decision to major in science at ASU. It was after I completed an unplanned illustration class when it dawned on me how off target I was. Science had always been an inspiration but it wasn’t what got me going in the morning. Creating was my fuel and I was running on empty. So I laid a new course, did a u-turn in the middle of the intersection and haven’t looked back. I ended up with a Fine Arts degree, followed by a design internship, then an art position in a Fortune 500 company.

I’ve been acquiring and honing my pro skills to perform in the creative domain ever since. I’ve collaborated on, produced, and created numerous diverse projects including a few businesses. My curiosity and commitment to learning are the drivers that keep moving me forward.