elaine montoya

I’ve been described as a…

Right down the middle left-brain/right-brain creative technologist.

I’ve always been this unique blend, it seems. My college journey began at UNM with a NASA scholarship in computer science and electrical engineering – satisfying my logical, precise, structured left-brain skills. Yet after graduating, my right brain shouted, “Hey, what about me?” Being one to engage the whole brain, I pursued a second degree in graphic design at The Art Institute of Colorado.

From the moment the right-brain/left-brain myth was debunked, I’ve shed labels, choosing to embrace my identity simply as a creative.

To this day, I love seamlessly blending creativity with pragmatic thinking in everything I do – from visualizing and creating motion graphics, to building bicycles from the frame up! Whether it’s an immersive show-open, or designing and developing a website, I am equally passionate about the creative blend of art and technology.

Cultivating curiosity, in myself and others, is a passion of mine. Whether it’s leading a team, producing a project, or addressing a live audience, spreading creativity and curiosity is my mission—making it magnetically contagious!