WTRL Cycling Championship :: Show Open

The Project

A spellbinding show open sets the stage, igniting the viewer’s fervor for the spectacle about to unfold. In the world of eSport cycling, the show open serves as the very heartbeat of the experience, a pulsating rhythm that sets the tone and elevates anticipation. A strategically orchestrated symphony of sights, sounds, and emotions, the show open captivates audiences, drawing them into the race.

The World Tactical Racing League (WTRL) has risen to become an undisputed global leader in designing, managing, and executing awe-inspiring virtual eSports cycling events. Over 30,000 virtual cyclists embarking on heart-pounding journeys each week, united by their passion for competition. The highlight each year, is WTRL’s annual TTT eSports Cycling Championship.


World Tactical Racing League


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Our Role

Motion Graphics
Sound Design

What We Did

Referencing key points in this years race course from the world of  Zwift, we infused vivid motion graphics with bursts of radiant particles – building an epic show open that unleashes the adrenaline for the ultimate showdown at the World Tactical Racing League Championships – the pinnacle of eSports cycling.

This engaging and immersive piece serves as both a promotional tool and captivating show-open. Its carefully crafted content was strategically designed to build momentum and create a buzz leading up to the highly awaited main event.

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