Team OWL :: Jersey Design

The Project

Team OWL is an electrifying squad of women eSports Grand Master cyclists, defying age barriers and shattering stereotypes. Our challenge? To design a cycling kit that echoes their resounding battle cry: #NeverTooOld.

In a world dominated by youth, Team OWL, a remarkable group of women aged 60 and above, defied societal norms by making history as the first Grand Masters women’s team to race in the World Tactical Racing League’s grueling weekly TTT race series in 2020. For over 2 years, these eight extraordinary women, united by their passion for cycling, have refused to let age define them— competing against riders a third their age. With each race, they shatter preconceived notions and inspire countless women to keep pedaling. Team OWL is shattering stereotypes and proving that age is just a number—one exhilarating race at a time.


Team OWL


Team Kit Design

Our Role


What We Did

In the world of cycling, Team OWL’s jersey design stands out as an audacious tribute to women cyclists—specifically Older Women in Lycra—fondly referred to as OWLs. Just as Team OWL breaks boundaries and challenges stereotypes, our design seeks to do the same, making it the most original kit in eSports racing.

Boldly departing from the stereotypical pink associated with women, the jersey’s predominantly black color scheme instead celebrates Team OWL’s strength and prowess. Vibrant OWL feathers proudly proclaim these women’s pride in being OWLs, adding a dash of flair to the design.

This jersey is more than just a uniform; it’s a statement of empowerment. A reminder that age is not a barrier in the thrilling world of cycling. Team OWL’s jersey is not just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of defiance, a rallying cry for women everywhere to embrace their passion for cycling, regardless of societal expectations.