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How do you create a symbol – separate from the company logo – that embodies the very essence of the company’s DNA. A bold mark that reverberates with conviction: “100% OWL Goodness!”

Within the specialty coffee domain, design plays a crucial role in distinguishing coffee from the commonplace. Packaging and label design serve as key elements, acting as gatekeepers of distinction that capture the interest of discerning coffee enthusiasts.

From ancient hieroglyphics to modern-day logo design, the power of symbols have to communicate has stood the test of time. The secret sauce? Three ingredients: simplicity, memorability and originality.

Team OWL is an electrifying squad of women eSports Grand Master cyclists, defying age barriers and shattering stereotypes. Our challenge? To design a cycling kit that echoes their resounding battle cry: #NeverTooOld. 

With branding in place, it’s time to unleash the merchandise that fans have been eagerly anticipating! From T-shirts and pins to stickers and magnets, each item bursts with OWL pride, infused with 100% OWL Goodness.