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Team OWL holds the distinction of being the first all-women’s UCI 60+ TTT team, showcasing the strength and determination of 10 exceptional women. Through weekly eSport Team Time Trial (TTT) competitions in WTRL, these trailblazing women between the ages of 62 and 80 train together and challenge each other, pushing the boundaries of their perceived limitations. They embark on a journey of personal growth, setting audacious goals, and achieving them with resilience and determination.

This site is currently in production for Team OWL.​ Get ready!


Team OWL


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What We Did

In two short months, Team OWL’s captivating new website will take flight, unveiling this extraordinary women’s eSports cycling team that’s pushing boundaries with every pedal stroke.

Our challenge was to craft a website that captivates fans of all ages, showcasing the courage and determination of these trailblazing athletes—and we’re doing just that! Team OWL’s website makes a bold statement, etching its place as an audacious tribute to the fierce women who break barriers and stereotypes. These fearless athletes, affectionately known as OWLs – Older Women in Lycra – defy expectations and embrace the thrill of eSports racing, inspiring the next generation of riders.

Team OWL’s website will not just inform; it will ignite your passion for life and remind you that age is just a number.