ATF-TLF Logo Reveal

The Project

Designing an impactful animated logo reveal is an art form in itself. The challenge is to infuse life into a brand by seamlessly blending motion graphics, sound, and timing with the company’s logo.

This piece was created for the ATF Teacher Leadership Foundation – a not-for-profit organization designed to provide opportunities for teachers to deepen their understanding of teaching and learning and enhance teacher professionalism.




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Our Role

Motion Graphics
Sound Design
Video Editing

What We Did

This piece challenged us to channel our inner grade-schoolers. In a creative fusion of shapes and hues, the logo emerges, employing the fundamental geometric forms of a circle, triangle, and square to embody the essence of education. Through vibrant splashes of color, these shapes undergo a transformation, unveiling the logo’s intriguing design. In sync with a musical track that sparks inspiration, the logo reveal ignites a sense of credibility and dedication. The final note, punctuates the end – leaving no doubt about the unwavering commitment to excellence in the teaching profession.

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