Mellow Jersey :: Promo Video

The Project

In the realm of promo videos, the fusion of video, photos, motion graphics, and sound is an art form. The challenge lies in weaving together these elements to captivate viewers and craft a compelling storyline. For cycling tours, the promo must ignite excitement and offer a glimpse into the breathtaking journey that awaits riders. With each frame, the viewer should feel the rush of the wind in their hair, the exhilaration of conquering challenging terrains, and the camaraderie shared among cycling enthusiasts.

This piece was created for Mellow Jersey (UK) to promote their Cycling Holidays in Mallorca.


Mellow Jersey


Promo Video

Our Role

Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

What We Did

As avid cyclists, having the opportunity to produce a promotional video for a cycling holiday in Mallorca—a cherished destination for us—was truly a dream come true!

Our challenge was to spread our excitement for this destination—and make it contagious! From the winding coastal roads to the rugged mountain passes, every moment of creating this piece felt like an adventure in itself. Capturing the essence of Mallorca’s cycling scene—its energy, its beauty, its challenges—was a journey we were thrilled to undertake.

And, we got to work with our favorite cycling tour company, Mellow Jersey!

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