Believer :: Music Video

The Project

Crafting a music video is no easy feat, and the editor plays a vital role in weaving the narrative together. From experimenting with shots to considering every nuance of the lyrics, they must strive for the ultimate symbiosis between the artist’s creation and the director’s vision. It is through this process that one establishes a powerful connection between the music and imagery, culminating in an atmosphere that oozes excellence.

This piece was created for the Adobe Believer Make the Cut campaign.​




Music Video

Our Role

Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

What We Did

It was a golden opportunity—a chance to bring our vision for Believer to life. The only catch? We had to work exclusively with Adobe Premiere, though we are far more accustomed to After Effects for motion graphics. Nevertheless, we rose to the challenge and broke the boundaries of what could be achieved with this software, pushing its limits to craft a captivating story that enthralled the audiences. Through adaptive color grading and daring motion graphics, we delivered a music video that showcased our creativity and ingenuity with astounding success. Without a doubt, it ranks among our most cherished accomplishments.

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