WTRL Logo Reveal

The Project

In the blink of an eye, a captivating logo reveal weaves a visual tapestry that captures the brand’s essence. A symphony of motion graphics and sound intertwines to convey a powerful message, leaving a lasting imprint on the viewer.

The World Tactical Racing League (WTRL) has risen to become an undisputed global leader in designing, managing, and executing awe-inspiring virtual eSports cycling events. Over 30,000 virtual cyclists embarking on heart-pounding journeys each week, united by their passion for competition.


World Tactical Racing League


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Our Role

Motion Graphics
Sound Design
Video Editing

What We Did

WTRL Founder Martin Carew tasked us with creating a logo reveal that would encapsulate the exhilarating essence of cycling races that defines WTRLs race series. Fueled by our own love for eSport cycling, we embraced the challenge. We leveraged the company’s existing logo, seamlessly incorporating vibrant flashes of light, color, and motion, all synchronized to a rhythmic heart beat that captures the exhilaration of competitive racing. The final piece, captures the raw energy of the sport, providing a visual experience that leaves a memorable imprint on the viewer’s mind.


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