Jayse Hansen :: Promo Reel

The Project

Crafting a promo reel that showcases the extraordinary work of a top-tier Fictional User Interface (FUI) artist is no small feat. The key is to strike a balance between highlighting their talent and subtly integrating our creative flair without overshadowing their brilliance. Our goal was to create a cohesive piece that seamlessly blends our style, captivating the audience with a mesmerizing visual experience that reflects the artist’s unique vision and artistic prowess.

This piece was created as a Promo Reel for Jayse Hansen.​


Jayse Hansen


Portfolio Reel

Our Role

Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

What We Did

Transported by rhythm defying beats, each screen in the promo reel exudes an aura of futurism. Each visual tableau exemplifies Hansen’s diverse talents, transporting us seamlessly from one universe to the next.  Synchronized with a sound bed selected to evoke a sense of excitement and adventure, we embark on a journey depicting Hansen’s diverse career in Futuristic User Interface (FUI) design for the motion picture industry. With a captivating crescendo, the promo piece heightens anticipation for Hansen’s appearance at motion conference, painting a vibrant picture of his captivating presence and the transformative insights he’ll share.

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