Kyle Cooper :: Promo Reel

The Project

The task of crafting a promo reel for undoubtedly the world’s most notable motion picture title designer of our era, was an exhilarating challenge. The goal was to create a masterpiece that elevated his work while subtly integrating our creative flair – without overshadowing his brilliance. To craft a visually stunning and captivating piece that leaves an indelible impression on the audience.

This piece was created as a Promo Reel for Legendary Title Designer, Kyle Cooper.​


Kyle Cooper


Portfolio Reel

Our Role

Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

What We Did

In the realm of filmmaking, there exists a captivating space where stories take form through the art of motion picture title design. The goal is to weave short narratives, drawing viewers into the film. Kyle Cooper is the master of this art. He has produced and directed over 350 title sequences over his career. Our task? To create a promo reel that visually narrates a career dedicated to storytelling through the art of motion picture title design – in a mere 45-seconds. A challenge. And an honor.

With a rhythmic sound bed that seamlessly transitions between projects, we orchestrate a captivating narrative through the fusion of dramatic motion graphics, vibrant colors, and immersive sounds. This cinematic tapestry captures the essence of Cooper’s multifaceted career. The unique symphony of these elements drives the narrative, igniting enthusiasm for Cooper’s participation at motion.

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