Mellow Jersey :: Highlight Reel

The Project

Crafting a highlight reel for a 5-day cycling tour is an epic adventure in storytelling, a journey to create a masterpiece that captures the essence of the experience. It’s a chance to ignite the viewer’s wanderlust, enticing them to relive the adventure—enticing them to come back again and again.

This piece was created for Mellow Jersey to encapsulate the week-long women’s cycling adventure in Mallorca.


Mellow Jersey


Highlight Reel

Our Role

Color Grading
Motion Graphics
Video Editing

What We Did

Highlight reels serve a unique purpose for cycling tour companies. Shared with tour participants, it’s an opportunity for them to relive the adventure. The object is to create a ‘feel good’ keepsake that beckons participants to return year after year.

Budget constraints posed a creative challenge: how to incorporate footage that lacked professional polish, shot with consumer-grade equipment? We decided to let this work for us, by creating a video, that mirrored the intimacy of a personal slideshow—something that one would share with family and friends.

The result? Recipients were overjoyed to receive a copy of this post-event video, and the touring company gained a valuable addition to their promotional arsenal.

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